Officina Meccanica B.B. has long enjoyed 
the reputation of being a dynamic company renowned for its reliability, versatility, and product safety. 
From the outset, our strategy has been to design and manufacture products (including those for today’s global market) that are both competitive in terms of quality and adaptability as well as suited to the broad range of applications demanded by our ever-increasing number of customers. 
Creators of innovative products, we at the Officina Meccanica B.B. have maintained superlative technological standards while doggedly focusing on offering the guarantees this type of work requires, ensuring continuity in the seamless transition from artisanal to large-scale production.

Our story, as typical as it is extraordinary, begins in the 1960s. After extensive work experience ranging from the technical up to management level in an important precision mechanics company in Bologna, owner and founder Luigi Bergonzoni (together with his extraordinary business partner Tonino Bendini) decided to patent a selection of his own designs. As we’ve just stated, ours is both a typical and an extraordinary story: Emilia in northern Italy was, 
in the post-War era, a region of mechanics 
and car engines, where young technicians, designers, and workers also became entrepreneurs. 
This entire process was underpinned by their sense of duty and sacrifice, first of all in their renowned technology colleges and then in their ability to create a network of mechanical workshops from scratch. Many of these entrepreneurs were destined to become the leaders of a new breed of industrialists who would go on to worldwide success.
Bergonzoni, who firmly belongs to that era, ushered in a new “way of thinking” and a new approach 
to design and invention, 
the result of his remarkable imagination.
Even though B.B. started out manufacturing a motley range of products (including screws for scooters and agricultural machinery), it rapidly specialised and grew into a manufacturing brand celebrated both in Italy and abroad for its (then) left-field idea of injecting “ingenuity” into the design formula 
– an ingenuity that nevertheless refused to compromise when it came to the distinctive quality 
that a product like ours demands.
Steadily over time (and most notably since the 1970s), the company embarked on the production of a range of successful, high-end products of ever-greater precision. These products, which include the recirculating ball screws that rapidly achieved the enormous success they continue to enjoy today, were quite rightly ready to be accepted into the ISO family.


Just as the world is rediscovering a new 
“old industrial craftsmanship” model, the so-called niche market is expanding, inspiring fresh dynamism and taking the concept of globality to greater heights thanks to competitive pricing and inspired product proposals.


Knowing how to offer fast, adaptable solutions is both the company’s core element and, 
above all, its driving force.
B.B. products – recirculating ball screws, 
precision rolled and ground screws, and gear mechanisms – are at the very heart of machine tools.
Thanks to over fifty years’ experience and an ability to “listen and interpret” in order to adapt and reinvent, the B.B. brand not only offers unique products that are constantly being tested and enhanced but also explores new ways of guaranteeing reliability.

We provide rapid services for companies working in the Italian market as well as large multinationals, 
all of whom need prompt solutions and swiftly delivered spare parts (as well as repairs and replacements) to keep assembly lines running smoothly and efficiently.

We are also providing more and more personalised, tailor-made products. Our stock of semi-finished products is updated in real time, and able to handle the most diverse applications at competitive prices, while maintaining standards of excellence 
and control.

Even though we started out as contract manufacturers (working for companies who designed and built their own machine tools) what drives our growth today is our constant commitment to adaptability and our capacity to follow and, 
above all, be one step ahead of major market trends.


It may seem academic to even speak about human resources, but here at B.B. we are convinced that 
it is individuals, the parts they play and the parts they make, who define a company, 
regardless of the type of business.
Rather than an asset, we prefer to think of this 
as a unique form of energy driving the company forward, compared to mere technology 
or the strength of capacity at the company’s disposal. We believe that “competences” derive from the importance we give to people and their rights first and foremost, followed by their duties, their abilities, and their roles.
The reins of business have passed through 
the hands of at least two generations 
who have handed on their experience and dedication to their work. Yet B.B. is now also a new company, ready to put its name and reputation 
on the line and take up fresh challenges 
and explore unchartered waters.
Luigi Bergonzoni’s children, together with many 
long-standing employees and fresh young students 
from Bologna’s technical schools, strive to 
“leave something behind” for the next generation and the future labour market, and as such 
define a much broader idea of enterprise.


Our headquarters are strategically located 
in Casalecchio di Reno, a major road, rail, and air transport hub in the heartland of the industrial area that defined the history of machine tool 
production in Italy. We are gradually transforming, restructuring, and innovating our offices, 
workshops, and, not least, communications sector – we feel, after all, that our productive offshoots 
and new branches are as important as our roots, 
and perhaps even more so.


Our screws are used in a wide variety of sectors and can be found the world over. Besides providing products for leading manufacturers of machine tools, B.B. also provides products for wood and sheet metal working machines, presses, flexographic printing, as well as many other applications 
in robotics and the shipping industry.
From Italy to the United States and in areas 
as remote as China, Tibet, and Kazakhstan, 
our special products for railway switches are made to operate in the severest of temperatures, flawlessly withstanding extremes of heat and cold. 
They are simply designed to last, 
whatever the context.


Clearly, customers are pivotal to our company 
and our business for two reasons: first, they require an immediate response to requests of the most diverse and targeted kind, and, second, they provide the inspiration for new studies and research 
within and beyond the industry sector.
This is why B.B. is excited and proud to take its place in a market and industrial technology sector while privileging a broader vision of theoretical 
and practical applications and not just focusing 
on competition, competitiveness, and rivalry.


For some time now, B.B. has been broadening 
its scope to include training, education, 
and other activities. We regularly collaborate with secondary technical institutions in Emilia (providing internships in our production facilities for specialised in-house training) 
and the University of Bologna (providing research assistance for graduate theses on our recirculating ball screws, among other things).
Last but not least, B.B. puts the same determination and sense of purpose into actively supporting social and cultural initiatives promoting solidarity campaigns, exhibitions, and artistic events. 
This is just the start of a long-term process that 
we hope will further define a company 
that considers the world of work to be part 
of everything that surrounds us, of our existence, 
of our shared heritage.


Precision ground recirculating ball screws
Rolled recirculating ball screws